Introduction :

Techno company have many standards to check the compliance of their products in accordance with the international and Egyptian standards, they have a quality management system for Management, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety according to ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 respectively . Also they have the technical standards related to Lighting products especially that for LED products like IEC 62560 & IEC 62612 & IEC 62717 & IEC 62776 and all relative Egyptian standards like ES 7773 & ES 7774 & ES 7823 & ES 7800 & ES 7824 .As the company quality policy is customer satisfaction and to be one of the leaders of lighting in Egypt and over the Middle East region. That is why the company is interesting with their QC staffs by the technical training courses for all new technical issues related to lighting and have the most advanced laboratory devices needed to check standard requirements beside to these instruments used during production process to maintain the quality level of their products. as experienced R&D team makes positive market response. So they have a R&D department that is responsible for thinking all new issues in lighting field .

All processes inside the company should to follow the PDCA method (ISO 9001/2015) to maintain the developing continuity for all departments of company .

Types of LED Products:-

LED Product Standards :

Quality Structure:-

  • IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

This department is responsible for checking all requirements needs for row material and according to purchasing standards approved by Top Management Representative.

  • PQC (Process Quality Control)

This department is responsible for checking all requirements needs for either Semi finished products or finished products and should be according to approved standards by Top Management Representative.

  • OQA (Outgoing Quality Assurance)

This department is responsible for checking all requirements needs for finished products to comply with customer requirements and approved standards by Top Management Representative.

Technical Standard Tests :-

Indoor Laboratory :-

This department contain the most efficient , advanced and calibrated instruments for verification and checking all technical requirements for LED products and it is responsible for carrying out all types tests according to IEC , ES and customer needs .

  • LED Driver analyzer

This device used to check all electrical ratings for driver of LED products

  • Photometric system : this computerized systems used for testing all initial and maintained values for both photometric and electrical ratings for all indoor products .it can out a PDF report contain Power & Power factor & Lumen flux & CCT with SDCM & CRI to can evaluate the product according to standard criteria .



  • Temperature test :

We used a multichannel temperature meter to check the thermal management of our LED chips and heat think


Also we can test our LED chips to check its life time and performance according to LM-80 & TM-21 :

  • Switching test :
    we can used the aging tester to check the switching endurance test for LED products according to relevant standard (e.g. 15000 cycle for products have 30000h life time and each cycle 30 sec ON and 30 sec OFF) .

  • Endurance Oven cabinet :

This cabinet is Humidity & Temperature chamber used for insulation resistance & electric strength tests and it also can used for Temp. cycling test & Accelerated operational life tests mentioned in IEC standards (e.g. testing at 65C for LED products has an ambient temp. up to 55C and for 1000h operation).

it is the most suitable method to carry out endurance tests especially for LED products where the temp. can be controlled by PID controller .

  • Lumen Maintenance Test :-

All light sources degrade over time but most just “burn out” before serious loss of light output. LEDs, on the other hand, do not burn out but continue to degrade – eventually beyond useful light output, which is typically recognized as 70% of initial luminous flux (L70).

Recognizing the need for an industry standard that would also help users evaluate LED products, in 2008 the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) published LM-80. Note, however that while LM-80 provides a standard method for testing lumen maintenance, it does not provide guidance or recommendations for predicting or extrapolating maintenance beyond the duration of these measurements.

The need for this additional level of guidance was addressed in 2011 when the IES published TM-21: Lumen Degradation Lifetime Estimation Method for LED Light Sources.

  • Energy Labels Test :

We can used the measured values of Lumen and Power to put in the mathematical formula mentioned in ES 7823 to calculate EEI value and according this result value we can determine the energy level according to Table B.1of this standard .


Energy efficiency classes for lamps



The level for LED products should not be less than A+ according to Table C.3 of this standard .


  • Mechanical tests :

This test is very important to check the firmly fitting of caps with the lamp body by applying a certain torsion force on the cap according to relevant standard



  • Resistance to heat test : (Ball Pressure Apparatus)

This test used to check the resistance of plastic material used for casing or insulation to heat and according to iec60695_10_2 and the relevant standards .


  • Resistance to Flame and Ignition test :(Glow wire Apparatus)

This test used to check the resistance of plastic material used for casing or insulation to flame and according to iec60695_2_10 and the relevant standards .



Outdoor Laboratory :-

  • Photometric system :

As there is a beam angle for several LED products such as spot lamps and street lighting luminaires so we used the computerized Goniophotometer device inside a dark room to get the most correct measurements for photometric and electric data .



  • IP test :

This test is very important for all outdoor LED products to check the degree of protection for ingress the solid foreign objects (dust) and water to inside the products according to IEC 60529 and relevant standard .







Production Tests :

There are many tests during production processes to check the finished products before sending to stock warehouses .

  • Aging line :

This line used for LED bulbs, Tubes and spotlights finished products to check the endurance of this product for high voltage, normal voltage, low voltage, roaming and fluctuation voltage areas.


  • Wattage test :

This process used to ensure the finished products electric parameters (Power & Power Factor ) at rated voltage .


  • Vibration Test :

This test is very important for checking the endurance of finished products during its transportation.



To ensure that all our tests are accurate and correct so we have a sampling procedures with AQL tables according to ISO 2859 series for inspections either for routine tests or type tests in addition to relevant standards for each products.


Marking of our products :

We used the advanced technology for printing by a laser printers to ensure the durability and legibility of our marked data to comply with IEC and ES standard and can control the quality & speed of printing more than ink.