About us

Technical Co. For Engineering Industries (TECHNO)

The Company Established in 1986 specialized in Engineering Products used as Components for (Electric Home Appliances, Buses, Petroleum filling and Lighting)and Recently For diversity required by current turbulent of Market The company already started to produce wide range of LED Lighting Products (LED BULB, LED CANDLE, LED TUBE, LED SPOT LAMP and LED PANEL)

Firstly, Components for Industrial Companies

Components for Electric home appliances

Gas Cooker Components (Main Door & Heating Door Hinges, Upper Glass Cover Hinge, Turn Spit, Gear box, Grids, Main Gas Tube, Cooker Base, Various sheet metal fixtures, etc.)
Automatic Washing Machine Components (Main Drum Rotation Axis, Brass Bush and Door Hinge, Brake Leaf Spring, Balancing Weight Bracket, etc.)
Electric Water Heater Components (Bushes, Inlet and Outlet Tubes)
Refrigerator Components (Upper, Middle and Lower Door Hinges) and Sheet metal fixtures

Components for Buses and Mini Buses
  •     Bus Chair Hand Rest Movable (Different Models), Min Bus Chair Hand Rest Fixed (Different Models).
  •     Bus Chair Foot Rest.
  •     Bus Luggage Door Lock & Handle (Different Models).
  •     Bus Window Glass Handle (Different Models).
  •     Bus Sun Shield.
  •     Minibus Passenger Door Mechanism.
  •     Minibus Driver Door Handle and Door Lock.

Components for Securing Petroleum & Chemical Filling Companies

  •     Drum Security Caps (3/4” and 2”)
  •     Drum Caps (Steel & Zamac) (3/4” and 2”).
  •     Security Seal Capsule.

Secondly, Final Product (Lighting Products)


  •     LED BULB (Different Sizes & Shapes).
  •     LED CANDLE (Different Sizes & Shapes).
  •     LED SPOT (Different Sizes & Shapes).
  •     LED PANEL (Different Sizes & Shapes).
  •     LED TUBE 120 cm. (Different Sizes & Shapes).
  •     Decorative LED Fixture (LED Strips Lighting)
  •     Decorative LED Fixture (LED Tube Lighting)


  •     Decorative Ceiling Fixture.
  •     Wooden Pendant.
  •     Steel Pendant.